Customer Requirements

Build and customize a secure private messaging system, which establishes a means of communication suitable for highly sensitive of the subject matter that is accessible to potentially unsophisticated users.

Setting up a Secure Base Platform

We chose Drupal as a base platform because of its expandability. In order to accomplish the task, we use Private Massage Module as a base and customize it based on the client's needs. To increase the security, SSL certificates are also added to the site, and secure web communication (HTTPS) is used for all logins and private messages.

Private Messaging System

Private Messaging System allows registered users exchange messages on site. Since all messages are handled within the site, it is more secure than a regular email system. The system sends users email notification when they receive a message, but the actual message will not be sent.

private messaging system

Customizing Private Messaging System

With the default configuration of the module, a registered user is able to see other registered users names and send private message to each other. Our goal is to customize the feature to meet our client's need: preventing a registered user from being visible to other registered users, and disallow them to send message each other.

When a user logs in to the system and start composing a new message, the recipient field will be automatically set to the site staff, which cannot be modified. This reinforces a secure one-on-one communication between the staff and a user.

Additional Customized Features

Displaying an announcement from the site staff to a registered user's private message interface is another additional customized feature for the site. After logging into the system, all users are redirected to their private message interface; therefore, it is a perfect place for posting some important general announcements.